Saturday, February 23, 2008

I once heard this story about a guy travelling to Kartoum for the first time. When he saw a dollar bill lying on the street he just left it there because he thought that in Kartoum there would be far far more.

Perhaps I'm the same way, in that I don't know what to expect and that I don't always appreciate what I have.

I'm in Asyut today. It's a big town with a big university. It has a high level of security.

I came in with a two car police escort. They say there is only one hotel where I can stay in Asyut. I argued that it was too expensive and I wanted to stay at a cheaper hotel. They said I could pay whatever price I chose but I had to stay there. I'm paying $11 instead of $35. It's the nicest hotel where I have stayed so far and the first where I've had my own bathroom. It's very strange...

I don't know what is going to happen tomorrow. I'm going to Sohag but probably they won't allow me to cycle or even take a bus. My guess is that I'll get a free ride from the police. The whole thing is bizarre. We'll see.

The key is to enjoy everything.

I've had such a very good time in Egypt. Everyone has been so nice. Unfortunately I don't have my pictures with me right now to upload or I would post some more blog entries...

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