Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Old Ethiopia Blog Posts...

So... Anyway... I have a bunch of Ethiopia blogs that I never posted...

As I said, I procrastinated for days in Addis before I started cycling to Gondor. I didn't have a map at this point so things are a bit hazy. I'd wake up not knowing the place name, and cycle through a bunch of places and finally go to sleep in some other place. I think it took me either 2 days or 5 days to get to the Abai Gorge.

You can actually see the gorge from a long way off. To me it looked like there was an enormous valley and followed by hills. I figured I would take a day to cross the valley and climb the hills the next day. But really you just go down for a long way until you hit the gorge and then you go down and there is a river and then you cycle all the way up.

The Abai river is the Ethiopian name for the Blue Nile. The Japanese government is building a new bridge to replace the older one. I gave my remaining biscuits to the guards on the way down and then on the way up the guards on the other side invited me to eat lunch with them.

There is a shady turn off a couple kilometres from the bridge. It has a small water fall where truckers shower. A couple ladies sitting on blankets were selling tea and soda pop. Occasionally monkeys will wander through and you can feed them if you want.

It takes three hours from the turn off to reach the ridge line and Dejen, the nearest town. There are 92 kilometres of winding road from one side of the gorge to the other.

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