Monday, September 28, 2009

Awassa (Ethiopia)

This is a picture of Fish and his girl friend in Awassa in southern Ethiopia.

It is a half days ride to Awassa. You climb up to the top of the hill until you reach the cell phone tower. Then you coast for half an hour through the fields of hay and butterflies.

Awassa is beautiful. It's prosperous. It's clean. There is a golden domed cathedral in the center. The women wear pin stripe suits and ride around on bicycles.

Awassa had electricity the whole time I was there. The ATM at Dashen Bank was functioning. The internet cafes were open and the espresso machines were operating.

On Sundays, in the evening, the whole town comes down to the lake to watch the sunset and walk home thoughtfully in the dark.

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Anonymous said...

Olivier says that:
Such an area, to me I concider it as developed as it has all these mentioned in the Blog.In terms of business there is good communication networks.
I am wondering how they spend their their Leisure time of watching the sun setting. Should I say it is such a peaceful place?