Sunday, March 23, 2008

Cairo to Beni Suef

Figured I'd throw up some more blog entries...
Day 1 Cairo to Beni Suef.

Traffic in Cairo is amazing and crazy. I left around 7 in the morning so it wasn't busy yet but it was still an adrenalin rush to navigate the roundabout at Talat Harb.

That first day I didn't know anything about what to expect. I didn't know how far I'd be physically able to cycle. I kind of assumed that I could just cycle until I got tired and then find some place to sleep at one of the small towns on my map.

It was surprisingly easy to find the road out of Cairo. I took a back road to avoid traffic and police road blocks.

The weather was beautiful. There were a lot of palm tree plantations. I waved to everyone I passed.

It was almost dark when I arrived at Beni Suef. I cycled 140 km. It was the first time I had cycled with the foot straps on my pedals so it excersizes different muscles. I was very tired.

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r.i.p said...

nice pic of your surly, barbwire, street lamp, and pyramid