Wednesday, March 26, 2008

This was in Giza. Tomo, Catherine and I spotted the cutest and most adorable camel I have seen to date. It was like a teenage camel, almost an adult but still with its innocence intact.

It turned out that it was tied in front of a butcher shop. Its comrade had already been divided into various slices. The head was posed on wires as you can see here. I liked the artful bit of food stuffed in the mouth.

My hope is that this serves as a lesson and moral to teenagers and young people everywhere.


r.i.p said...

i luv this picture! although i fail to understand the moral behind it... if get decapitated i should still try to keep ornate veggies in my mouth??

Seraphina Uludong said...

Yes, children, everything cute can be eaten. The butcher looked into those big brown eyes.... AND CHOPPED ITS HEAD OFF.