Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Minya to Mallawi

It's 40km from Al Minya to Mallawi. Basically two and a half hours cycling.

Yousyaf intercepted me on his motorcycle and invited me to his farm where he and his freind Ahmed fed me tea. Farming is the number one business in Egypt. It's easy to forget that.

They fed me tea and also cheese they had made on the farm. Mallawi is famous for the local cheeses. Really really fantastic. Very very kind people and generous.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dan,

It's great to see that you've met some nice people and have tasted some good food, in addition to all the bike riding you do. Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to more =).


just guessing said...

Hi, Dan. I was happy to get your blog address from your sister. I am always proud of an adventurous spirit! Adele.