Sunday, September 14, 2008


Abu-Simbel is huge and awe inspiring. It is a marvel of art and engineering. It sits right on the bank of the lake formed by the Aswan dam. The inside is well preserved. You can see the original colours from 3000 years ago. It's really stunning.

It wasn't busy when I arrived, and after half an hour all the other tourists left and I was alone in the temple with just a couple security people outside.

It's too hard to take everything in. You get lost and confused about which chambers you've visited. I find that in situations like this it helps to pick a narrow aspect and focus on only that one thing. For example, I tried to count how many times the Egyptian god of fertility was portrayed. There were at least eight instances. Finding all of eight is like playing "Where is Waldo?" but with a winky instead of a hat.

It's the juvenile humour that keeps me young.


Kenton Williston said...

Dan, you are truly demented. :)

Dan Carpenter said...

The thing that makes me sad is that a lot of the carvings of the god Min have been defaced by people with no appreciation for history.