Friday, October 17, 2008

On the road again in Real Life too

Why does Snoop Dog carry a pink umbrella?

Fo drizzle.

So I've had a great visit with Jason and Linda and the kids. Actually I've been mooching at their house for just over three months.

It was really great to see the kids growing up. This visit was my first time to see Sam. He just had one tooth when I arrived but now his mouth is stuffed with teeth. He also can walk now. Asha learned how draw recognizable faces. Jake learned some new soccer tricks.

It's amazing the changes that happen in three months. For me mostly the changes were that I got fat and lazy.

I'm currently in Masaka Uganda. It's my birthday today. The twins, Asha and Jake, sang happy birthday to me on the phone. I'm 30 years old. A full decade smarter and better looking than I was back in 1998.


Anonymous said...

Happy belated Birthday, Danikins!

Love, S&K! :)

Kenton Williston said...

PS--we were in Europe, so we have an excuse for being late! :)

K&S (the OTHER version of S&K)