Wednesday, February 3, 2010

First Day in Northern Kenya

There was a time I stood on the ridge of a mountain and I looked out for miles and miles and I wondered if my eyes would ever get filled up. If after seeing so many glorious things, my eyes would not be able to take in another sunrise. But I've found that it is my memory which has been filled. I look at the picture above and I don't remember those mountains. It's not a great picture but it moves me and I feel a sort of wistfulness.

There were tons of dik-dik in that scrub. They are curious timid kind of antelope as tall as your knee. They like to stand in the road and watch you cycling. Then when you get close they hop daintily into the scrub. Once I saw one hop through a flock of pheasant without disturbing them. Another time it made me laugh to see two dik-dik getting chased across the road by a squirrel.

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Anonymous said...

That part of Kenya which is not populated by people, is mostly occupied by animals like some of them you saw.
And this explains why Kenya has the biggest Tourist Industry in East Africa.This is due to the presence of the savanna vegetation.
Such place is good if there is a hotel set up there and tourist view the animals.
Your first day there and you encounter a friend who is in need, that has to be your real friend since you helped.