Monday, February 8, 2010

Northen Kenya Day Two

Here is a picture of the only tree for miles and miles and miles.

In northern Kenya there is a village about every 50 km where you can get food and water. My plan was to eat lunch at village number one and sleep at village number two. I started late because of a flat tire but I made good time until lunch.

From there the landscape turned into a rocky, moon-like desert and the road got gnarly. It was getting dark, and I still had 20 km to the next village when I decided to pitch camp for the night.

If you have watched "The Long Way Down," this is the part where they had a police escort. Apparently the road to Marsabit is infested with Somali bandits. People assured me the bandits planned their robberies carefully and wouldn't hi-jack a random tourist on a bike. Still it would have been nice to have some bushes or hills to hide my tent.

There was a herd of antelope grazing in the distance. I admired them for a minute. I wished I knew whether there were lions in the area.

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Anonymous said...

Marsabit is realy dry and may be compared to a desert,soone need to be realy prepared when travelling through.I wonder what economic activity can be carried out from there.Well, with Tourism, it would be the best Activity.And this explains why Kenya has the best Tourism Industry in East Africa.
The saying that, robbers do not travellers is a Myth: People pretend to be good during daytime, but when it nightime, that is when the real character crops up.